Quality control

Based on ISO 9001 [Quality Management Systems] which it was certified for in 1999, Yamamoto Seisakusho focuses its efforts on making systems that can produce superior products and thorough daily control. When starting the production of new products or modifying products, we confirm and verify all aspects of the conditions concerning the product. In this way, we are able to produce the highest quality products that our customers demand.

Educating Engineers

Developing superior engineers is the most important management strategy for Yamamoto Seisakusho that believes that its technological ability is its greatest strength. The focus is on steadily improving the ability of each engineer as a member of a professional group. To that end, while we place the most emphasis on learning in the work place, we also conduct many different programs to widen the scope of our engineers, such as various external training courses and lectures, and going to various trade shows. We are developing real engineers who have an abundance of creativity and flexibility.

Challenging our Factories

Yamamoto Seisakusho is involved in many different activities, mainly at our Head office Plant, to improve our quality, delivery and cost competitiveness. The main pillars of these activities are the Quality Challenge that is aimed at achieving zero defects in production, an ideal work environment that we can boast about to our customers, and a speedy production system that can cope with high-mix, small lot production. Our future depends on winning the solid trust of our customers.